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The TBR 

Since 1987, TBR has been committed to excellence by providing versatile dental technologies, including our flagship product, the Z1, a Tissue Level implant with a Zirconia collar.

Based in Toulouse (France), at the heart of aerospace technology, we are constantly seeking innovation with a pioneering spirit.

Our patents, quality certifications and partnerships with scientific institutions attest to our leadership.

TBR implant systems are manufactured in France in our state-of-the-art factory to a tolerance of 5 microns.

Available in 53 countries, our solutions embody our vision of becoming a global benchmark in dentistry, with high standards for patient well-being and quality of service to satisfy our community of users.

Our values

Constant innovation

Relentless pursuit of quality

Integrity in all our actions

Commitment to research and training

These values guide us in our efforts to support dental professionals in providing superior care that respects patients’ anatomy.

Did you know ?

The bonsai tree, a symbol of our identity, reflects our desire to shape sustainable solutions in dentistry, underlining our commitment to controlled growth and balance in everything we do.

Just as bonsai requires careful attention to reach its full potential, TBR cultivates innovation, quality and patient well-being.

Our commitment to research

TBR is actively contributing to the advancement of dental science by publishing a White Paper on “How to recover naturally sealed tissues in implantology ?”.

We are delighted to make this source of expert information available to the dental community, demonstrating our dedication to research and the continuous improvement of implantology techniques.

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