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Bone Level 

An implant solution for every patient

TBR also offers a range of implants in two surgical steps. The junction between the Bone Level Implant and the prosthetic abutment guarantees a perfect stability and tightness thanks to the exclusive 5µm machining technology and the platform switching system. This stable and tight connection provides long-lasting esthetics, bone tissue stability and soft tissue preservation.

The Bone Level system is suitable for all types of prosthetic restorations: cemented or screw-retained prostheses or stabilisation of removable prostheses. Discover also our Baby range: short 6 mm implants adapted to particular anatomical requirements.

Octagonal connection

Morse taper connection

An optimised implant/abutment connection
Bone Level implants are available with two different connections:

An internal octagonal connection: An 8-sided flat connection ensures maximum freedom for your prosthetic restorations.
A Morse taper connection with hexagonal indexing: A double Morse taper connection at 4° provides recognised precision and tightness.
The 5 µm machining technology allows a perfect fit between implant and abutment.
In this way, the influence of micro-movements and inflammatory infiltrate on the peri-implant crestal bone is drastically reduced.
Material & Surface
-On a macroscopic scale, the Bone Level implant, made of commercially pure titanium, brings together the components essential to the success of your implant surgery: biocompatibility, mechanical strength, primary anchorage and longevity.
- On a microscopic scale, the sandblasted and etched surface of the Bone Level implant plays an important role in the perfect osseointegration of the implant.
Platform Switching System
In order to further optimise the connection of our implant systems, the platform switching system has been developed whereby the diameter of the prosthetic abutment is made smaller than that of the implant platform. This then makes it possible to :
- Recreating the gingival volume in the form of an annular gingival sleeve ensuring absolute sealing of the implant site after healing,
- Reduce micro-movements and inflammatory infiltrate on the peri-implant crestal bone,
- Freeing up a new biological space,
- Ensuring long-term stability of the implant through long-lasting esthetics, bone tissue stability and soft tissue preservation.
Baby implants
- Discover the Baby range of short implants that combine all the advantages of Bone Level implants with a reduced length of 6 mm
- This will allow you to adapt to particular clinical situations by reducing the number of interventions and respecting the integrity of the periodontium.
- Our range of Bone Level Baby implants is available in an internal octagonal connection, the Baby 8, and in a morse taper connection, the Baby M.

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