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Planning &  
Giuded Surgery

Discover our planning & guided surgery solutions!

TBR Group brings you all its expertise through the creation of a planning panel for your implant cases. These 3 complementary surgery kits allow you to ensure a predictability of the position of your implants, guided by the desired prosthetic result.

Compatible with TBR connections

Compatible with TBR implant ranges

Surgical Guide Kit

The surgical guide kit guarantees precise drilling of the alveoli by pre-positioning the implant axis according to a predefined treatment plan via a digital impression or plaster model.

Precise guidance
The use of a single-use surgical guide with metal inserts (called spoons or sleeves) guides the drilling, providing precision and resistance to friction, in a resin that will be positioned on the patient's teeth.

Complete procedure
The design of the sleeves and drills allows the entire drilling sequence to be used through the surgical guide.

Universal & open device
Use the same kit for all types of TBR implant connections. Regardless of the method chosen, a guide design on plaster model or a CAD/CAM design (3D printing), the surgical guide kit will fit.

Removable stop kit

In addition to your surgical kit for implants with octagonal connection or implants with Morse taper connection, you now have a kit with 4 drills and 20 removable stops.

Reliable drilling sequence
The stop prevents the drill from reaching an undesired depth.

Friction retention system
The special drills accommodate the stops by simply clipping them in.

Easily cleaned and sterilized in the autoclave.

Prosthetic spacing kit

The prosthetic spacer guide kit allows you to center your drilling thanks to guides that simulate the mesio-distal crowding of future prosthetic crowns. It consists of pointer drills that guide the drilling during implant site preparation and spacer drills, used in cases of adjacent implant placement, which replace the pointers after drilling.

Perfect centering
The implant will be centered in relation to the prosthesis for a better distribution of masticatory forces.

Single or multiple case
Ideal for single cases, the kit becomes indispensable for cases with adjacent implants. Every space requirement of your final prostheses will be ideally respected.

Respect for the anatomy of natural teeth
Each of the components of the kit has a shoulder whose diameters correspond to the average dimensions of the different teeth. The anatomy of the natural teeth is perfectly respected for optimal aesthetics.

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