A scientific partnership between TBR and EACIM (European Academy of Ceramic Implantology)!

By becoming partners, TBR and EACIM announce a major collaboration in their respective fields to promote research and innovation in implantology. Founded in 2018 by Drs. Baudot, Bianca, Duchatelard, Eppe, Gouiran, and Tordjman, and supported by its scientific ambassadors worldwide, EACIM broadcasts its knowledge and expertise on ceramic biomaterials in implantology throughout Europe.

Primarily focused on education and experience sharing, EACIM, with its distinguished clinicians, researchers, lecturers, and university professors, specializes in seeking alternatives to all-titanium implants. Since 1987, TBR has been recognized in the dental industry for its high standards, the quality and technical sophistication of its products. With its all-indications Z1 implant and patented Zirconia-Titanium technology, TBR offers implantology education and procedures that help preserve all peri-implant tissues, particularly those comprising the biological width.

“This partnership represents an exciting and natural progression in our shared dedication to research and knowledge exchange in the field of biomimetic dental implantology,” says Dr. Olivier Benhamou, Scientific Director of the TBR Group. EACIM also welcomes this new collaboration with enthusiasm. “By embracing TBR and its innovative vision for the future of implantology, we continue to provide our association members with synergies to offer the dental community safe, high-performance, and biocompatible solutions tailored to the needs of our patients,” says Dr. Olivier Chéron, General Secretary of EACIM.

About the European Academy of Ceramic Implantology: https://eacim-ceramic-implantology.com/